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Ontario Loud is a political commentary podcast hosted by Chris Martin, Sam Andrey, Garima Talwar-Kapoor, Alvin Tedjo, and Alexi White. We all have experience giving policy, political, and communications advice to senior leaders in the Ontario government, including Cabinet Ministers and Premiers.

Ontario Loud is an open conversation about life under the Ford government, the implications of government decisions, and the kinds of policies we think could make things better for people in Ontario and Canada.

We have a short discussions on a (hopefully) weekly basis about issues that matter in Ontario in a way that informs, critiques and reflects on current affairs.

A bit of a mission statement for us: 

  • We’ll keep it positive… but critical: There’s no way around critiquing the Ford government, but we’ll give credit where it’s due, and talk about policy alternatives that could paint a more positive future.
  • We’ll keep it informative… but acknowledge what we don’t know: We all have policy, communications, and political experience, but we don’t know everything. That’s why we’ll seek out expert advice and cite external evidence and research to back up our discussions.
  • We’ll keep it progressive… but will try not to be too partisan: We’re all recovering Liberal staffers who have put a lot into supporting a progressive vision for Ontario. However, that doesn’t mean we check our brains at the door, ignore valid criticisms of the party, or don’t want to hear from non-Liberals on the show. 

This is also probably a good place to clarify that this is not a production of the Liberal Party, federal or provincial. 

We don’t have key messages, we haven’t run this by them.

Feel free to get in touch with us to share your thoughts and opinions on our discussions. We hope you tune in!

Apr 30, 2019

Chris, Alvin, Sam, Alexi and Kate dissect the recent election results in Alberta and PEI and what they could mean for the Liberals come October. They also get into the latest Patrick Brown scandal (who thought that could still be a thing?), the Ford government's gutting of Environmental protections and public health,...

Apr 23, 2019

While the world feverishly pours through Bob Mueller's report on the wrongdoings of the Trump white house, let Sam take you through the lesser-known findings of Ontario Integrity Commissioner David Wake's inquiry into the attempted hiring of Doug Ford friend Ron Taverner. The stakes may not be quite as high, but the...

Apr 12, 2019

Kate Hammer joins Alexi, Chris and Alvin again to dissect Ontario Budget 2019. Do you like Booze? Do you like cuts to vital public services? Do you like the game of Cricket? Then there's something in this budget for you. 

Apr 9, 2019

Ever wondered what goes into making a provincial budget? Former Premier's Office advisor Kate Hammer joins Alexi, Sam, Alvin and Chris to take you inside the process, how it works, what it lacks, and what to expect from Doug Ford's first Ontario Budget. The team also talks about the Ford government's abandonment of...

Apr 2, 2019

Former policy chief to Premiers Wynne and McGuinty Karim Bardeesy joins the pod to talk about Minister Lisa Thompson's plan to "reform education" by increasing class size, and the impacts that the new plan will have on learning, student success and school closures.